The day is long gone by for Littleton to slumber.
Welcome to Littleton's only locally owned and operated news source.

Our pledge is to bring you hyper-local, comprehensive, objective news that affects your community and your life. Our mission is to encourage civil dialogue surrounding the issues we write about. We also pledge to stay local, independent and unbeholden to anyone or anything other than our journalistic ethics. We strive to adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

To engage Littleton residents, we feature stories written by Citizen Contributors, and we maintain a lively opinion page. Every story includes a comments section, and our e-mail address is attached to every story. We pledge to always hear your feedback.

As a public service, we announce Community Affairs like obituaries, birth announcements, wedding announcements, business notesevents and more - for free.

And to keep it all going, we offer extremely low prices on advertising. We're not in this for the money - we're in this because we care about the community.

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Arapahoe Community College campus police officer Prem Menon and ACC students David, Vlad, Kacey, Robin and John chat on Jan. 18 about the excitement of being back on campus for the 2012 spring semester.  Courtesy Photo