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Conti outlines her 2012 bills

Jennifer Smith

Rep. Kathleen Conti, R-HD38, told visitors to her town hall at the Littleton Center Wednesday about the four bills she's sponsoring this legislative session, two of which focus on the education system.

HB12-1118 would open contract negotiations between school districts and teacher unions to the public. Conti feels that since taxpayer money is at stake, the meetings should be transparent.

“I just think it's the right thing to do,” she said.

Currently, most negotiations are exempt from open-meetings laws, including those with fire and police unions and those surrounding land purchases.

Another, titled “Concurrent Enrollment for Students Who May Complete High School Graduation Requirements Before the End of Twelfth Grade,” would require school districts to offer such seniors the option to either continue taking high-school classes or to enroll in college classes while still technically a student at the high school. Conti said the idea is for the district to pay a discounted rate to the college, using money it already receives from the state to educate the student.

“This is going to be a great way to give those kids a chance in the spotlight and an opportunity to shine,” she said.

She's also sponsoring a bill to increase the penalty for a hit and run to the same level as a DUI, closing what she calls a close a loophole in the law that encourages drunk drivers to go home and sober up, then confess to the  hit and run later. Currently, “It's in your best interest to flee the scene,” she said.

Finally, Conti wants the Public Utilities Commission to report annually to the legislature regarding any rate adjustments it makes so that the reasoning behind them is on the record.

“There doesn't seem to be any end in sight,” she said.

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Thoughts on Conti's proposed legislation?

Suggestions for other issues she and other elected officials should tackle?
Rep. Kathleen Conti, R-HD38, is sponsoring four bills this session, two of which deal with the education system.
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