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Fire partners find agreement

City of Littleton
Press Release

Editor's Note: This concludes a long and often controversial process that included speculation that the three entities might dissolve their partnership.

At its meeting January 3, the Littleton City Council approved an Intergovernmental Agreement with its partners in the Highlands Ranch Metro District and the Littleton Fire Protection District concerning the delivery of fire protection services.  Littleton Fire Rescue (LFR) has provided fire rescue and emergency medical services to 220,000 people living within the three jurisdictions for more than 20 years.  The agreement follows a year of negotiations between the entities. 

Littleton Mayor Debbie Brinkman said: “I am pleased that the partners recognize the value of the service provided by the men and women of Littleton Fire Rescue.  My thanks to everyone involved for their good faith in negotiating a new agreement.  It will continue to serve our communities well into the future with the most cost-effective, professional fire and EMS services available.”

“The Highlands Ranch Metro District is pleased to enter into a new contract for fire and emergency services with our long-time partners,” said Metro District General Manager Terry Nolan.  “This is significant for our community because it assures our current excellent level of service into the future and ensures a fair distribution of the costs.”

Littleton Fire Protection District Board Chair David Oppenheim said, “This contract is not the end of a process; it is a tool for us to continue to work together to ensure that our constituents receive the very best fire protection and emergency medical services at a reasonable and affordable cost.”

Specific provisions of the agreement include:

A revision to the funding formula that will result in lower administrative fees to the partners with a review of actual costs in one year.

Creation of a Review Committee that will meet monthly with LFR Administration to discuss service delivery, budget issues, and other topics that may arise.

All engines and medic units staffed and equipped at the Advanced Life Support level.

Establishing a minimum staffing level of 36 full-time personnel per shift.

Establishing minimum response times 90 percent of the time in the Highlands Ranch Metro District of 10 minutes, and 9:30 in the Littleton Fire Protection District.

The agreement remains in effect until any party provides 12 months notice that it wishes to terminate.

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Points to Ponder

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How do you think the partnership is working?