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Bloomberg Businessweek: Littleton best place to raise kids

City of Littleton
Press Release

Bloomberg Businessweek announced today that Littleton is the “Best Place to Raise Kids in Colorado” for 2011.  A total of 5,418 locations nationwide were evaluated. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, “The rankings put the most weight on school performance and the number of schools, crime statistics and cost of living.  Other factors included job growth, air quality, ethnic diversity, and access to recreational amenities such as parks, zoos, theaters, and museums.”

Bloomberg Businessweek also stated, “For families, one of the draws of Littleton is its school system, which was recently recognized as one of the best in Colorado.  Littleton residents also have access to public transportation to Denver, about 10 miles away, via light rail.  Littleton has a historic district and museum and is home to South Platte Park, one of the largest suburban parks, at 878 acres, in the U.S.”

Littleton Mayor Doug Clark said, “It’s great news that Bloomberg Businessweek recognizes what generations of Littleton residents have always known: this is a kid-friendly community and a wonderful place for families.”

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