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UPDATED: Cole will keep her seat, Beckman not far behind

Jennifer Smith
UPDATED: 11/2/11

Editor's Note: We've updated the numbers and added in the candidates' comments that we received.

Perhaps the biggest surprise in last night’s still-unofficial election results is in District 2, where James Boone, who admitted he was a long shot, is just 107 votes shy of Jerry Valdes’ 598 votes.

“I was very happy with the results,” said Boone. “For a first-time runner and a shoestring budget, I thought I had a pretty good turnout. I’m sure you will see me around on a board or commission. I would like to say thank you to all who supported me and helped me. I wish Jerry the best of luck and congratulate him on a well-run campaign and a great win. Right now I’m going to just focus on my family and our new baby girl and relax for a few days.”

Valdes did not respond to a request for comment.

Councilwoman Peggy Cole appears safe in her at-large seat, with 4,889 votes. That’s 228 more than Bruce Beckman, so Cole wins the four-year term.

“I appreciate the support I got from so many people, and I look forward to continuing to serve,” she said upon hearing the results after tonight’s city-council meeting.

Beckman, who won the two-year term, said he’s excited and optimistic about working on some of the challenges facing the city. He said he knows Cole is a great campaigner with lots of supporters, so he wasn’t surprised with the results.

“But I felt that enough people wanted me on council that I would be on council,” he said.

David Novinger is well behind them, with 2,736 votes.

“Congratulations to Peggy, Bruce, and Jerry on a job well done,” was his only comment today.

In District 4, the unopposed Mayor Pro Tem Debbie Brinkman garnered 1,808 votes.

The Arapahoe County Open Space tax question passed handily, with 54,643 votes for and 33,708 against. Most residents are apparently content to keep paying 25 cents on every $100 of sales and use tax to support water, wildlife, open space trails and parks for another 10 years.

Proposition 103, the only statewide question, is another story, with 64 percent of voters rejecting a tax to help fund education. Arapahoe County numbers mirror the state’s.

The figures are not final until after each county’s board of canvass meets, which will happen in about two weeks. City Clerk Wendy Heffner will then consider certifying the results, according to a press release from the city.

The new council members will be sworn in at a ceremony at the regular council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 7 p.m. The candidates will take the oath of office administered by Presiding Judge James Anderson. The new council will then vote on a mayor and mayor pro tem to serve for the next two years.

A farewell reception will be held before the meeting at 6:30 p.m. for departing councilors Doug Clark and Jose Trujillo.

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The new council will choose a mayor after being sworn in at the next meeting. Who do you hope they choose?

Did any of these results surprise you?